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Pheromone Studies

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Are you familiar with pheromones? Well it is time for you to find out how they play a huge role in your sex life. Wake up! This could be a big help to you. The description of human pheromones or the scent of sexual attraction has sparked lively conversations for many of years. In addition, they are been very widely researched as well.

In a majority of animals, there is a direct correlation between pheromones and mating. For instance, sea urchins give out pheromones in the water around them, which sends a chemical message that tells other urchins in the colony to throw out their sex cells at the same time. Human pheromones, however work the exact opposite way. They are done on an individual basis and sometimes are unnoticed. In 1986, Dr. Winifred Cutler, a biologist and behavioral endocrinologist, co discovered that pheromones exist in the underarms. She and her researchers discovered that when underarm sweat was wiped away, the remaining beads of sweat did not have a smell and had pheromones in them.

Dr. Cutler’s first studies back in the 70′s explained that women who had regular sexual relations with men have more regulated menstrual cycles than the women who didn’t have as much sex. Having regular sex increased estrogen and increased female fertility. This made the research team move to find out if the males contributed anything to this predicament. By 1986, they came to the conclusion that it was pheromones.

Synchronized Menstrual Cycle

There is a lot of information explaining how pheromones affect a woman’s menstrual cycle. Have you ever known a case where your cycle was in tune with another female that lived in the same household with you? A majority of women who live with or close to other women change their menstrual cycle so that they are at the same time. One of the latest studies at the University of Chicago by Martha McClintock gave a few women a sniff of sweat from other women.

It made their menstrual cycles to move up or move down the calendar, which depended on when the perspiration was taken. This was the original evidence that people produced and responded to pheromones. Even though is now very evident that there is an existence of pheromones, the method by which our body uses them is still not known. Animals possess a vomeronasal organ (VNO, which detects the chemical and then guides them the mate. A few anatomists do not think that human beings have a vomeronasal organ. However, others think that they have discovered little holes in our nostrils that may be vomeronasal organs that don’t actually work.

Impact on fertility and depression

Even though we don’t have all of the information, these great studies concerning pheromones and menstrual cycles have shown us that pheromones can be utilized as fertility treatments for those couples that are having difficulty conceiving or help those couples who don’t want to conceive at this particular time. In addition, for the couples that have problems with sex, they could utilize pheromones and therapy to increase their sexual appetites.

Some researchers think that pheromones could also be used as a way to put couples in the mood, while getting rid of depression and stress. And for the most interesting possibility, some feel that pheromone treatment could possibly manage prostate activity for men so that it can decrease the risk of cancer.

Little but strong influence

If you are searching for the person of your dreams, your body’s pheromone scents are probably doing a lot towards attracting your new mate. According to an article in “Psychology Today,” how our body scents are considered clean and sexy to someone else goes through a process that is very selective. A lot of times our scent is better to a person whose genetic immunity to disease is totally different from ours. This could mean that future bloodlines will be stronger and healthier. Seventy four percent of the people that tested a pheromone called Athena on a trial basis noticed that they wanted to hug, kiss and have more sex. Probably the best suggestion for anyone searching for a new mate or wanting to move on to a new level in their relationship is to open their nostrils and take a deep breath.