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Max Attraction is a well known pheromone brand that has a rather extensive line of designer pheromones for both men and women. With up to 17.8 mg per bottle, Max Attraction is potent stuff. A very powerful and amazing pheromone, there is a reason it is called Max Attraction. It comes with 17.8mg of pheromones per bottle, and has a scent that drives women wild. It has been found that women who encounter this scent will exhibit more eye contact and suggestive body language. The effects will vary depending on natural chemistry but it has been reported to increase the number of women who will approach you.


Max Attraction works almost instantly with just two sprays due to its high potency. This gives men a very dominate approach to women, and younger women tend to love the addictive scent that it gives off as well. From our tests and user feedback, Max Attraction works effectivly up to 6 hours. One bottle will last for approximately 30 days with daily use.


Max Attraction will likely exceed any expectations you have regarding pheromones. Users have reported women turning their heads and taking notice as well as more dates, and more sex. What makes it even better is you get the Simple Seduction DVD that will teach you how to maximize your experience with pheromones. These are simply yet powerful techniques you can use:

  • Approach her without feeling even a bit nervous or afraid of rejection
  • Say something that will make her interested
  • Create an emotional connection with simple conversation
  • Get her to say “Yes”


  1. Androstenone
  2. Androstenol
  3. Androsterone


  1. High potency pheromones
  2. Alluring alpha scent
  3. Seduction Videos included


  1. Priced higher than other products


“I got hit on by three women at Starbucks, wow.”
Jim, IL

“I received the pheromones and am extremely stunned by the results. I went to a night club on Friday night and wore Max Attraction Gold while my Friends wore expensive Colognes without pheromones. I found myself being approached by all the hot ladies, even taking me around the corner for a quick kissing and touching and coming back after a good experience. It happened at least 14 to 17 .Max Attraction Gold has a scent that makes me smell well in my own special way and I had only used one spray as suggested.”
Harris, South Africa

“Good Stuff… works very well and the scent is very pleasing to women.”
Amber, IL


Max Attraction has a very spicy scent and a clean feeling. If you dont mind paying the price, users can expect significant results with this powerful pheromone. Max Attraction is our second best pick for best pheromone after Pherazone. While everyone might not need the course offered on the DVD’s, everyone can benefit from Max Attraction.


Below is a list of top rated pheromones for comparison.

Comparison Table Chart

Rank Pheromone Brand Score Performance $ Per mg Concentration Fragrance User Reviews Guarantee FDA Lab Buy Direct Price
#1 100% $2.08 9.8 Site $225.95
#2 98% $2.99 9.8 Site $159.95
#3 Image 97% Image $4.99 9.7 Image Image Image Site $89.95
#4 Image 93% Image $5.95 Image 8.3
Image Image Site $65.50
#5 Image 89% Image $6.99 Image 7.2 Image Image Image Site $99.50