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Chikara is sold by and contains three pheromones found in the top selling products on the market. They have also added four new pheromone that have never before been used. This gives Chikara seven pheromones including the standby’s androsterone, androstenol and androstenone.

This exceptional smelling fragrance owes its popularity to positive user comments and its wonderful scent. It is sweet and exotic at the same time; women cannot seem to help flirting with guys wearing Chikara.

Under normal usage, you can expect Chikara to last about four hours. Many of the expensive pheromone colognes only last around three hours, so the extra hour is a wonderful bonus. Of course, if you plan on dancing the night away at a club you might want to carry a refresher with you! Chikara gives you high quality pheromones that have been shown to drive the ladies wild! Women will find it nearly impossible to ignore you with the erotic texture and scent of Chikara.

The best way to describe Chikara scent is sweet and exotic. This fragrance will definitely get the attention of women around you.


  • Provocative aroma
  • Positive reviews and customer feedback


  • Four of the seven pheromones are proprietary




Pheromones and the provocative aroma of Chikara will bring almost any female into an enchanted and sensual state. A half-ounce bottle of Chikara will last you about 30-days. The thing you have to remember is it does not require a lot of product to get results; most guys will not need more than two or three dabs.

Comparison Table Chart

Rank Pheromone Brand Score Performance $ Per mg Concentration Fragrance User Reviews Guarantee FDA Lab Buy Direct Price
#1 100% $2.08 9.8 Site $225.95
#2 98% $2.99 9.8 Site $159.95
#3 Image 97% Image $4.99 9.7 Image Image Image Site $89.95
#4 Image 93% Image $5.95 Image 8.3
Image Image Site $65.50
#5 Image 89% Image $6.99 Image 7.2 Image Image Image Site $99.50