Athena Pheromones

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Athena Pheromones

Do you want to make yourself more attractive to women? One of the options is Athena cologne. While it’s one of the many pheromone products on the market for men, should you choose it over the competitors’ products?

In 1995, a scientist named Winnifred Cutler developed Athena pheromones. Pheromones are natural chemicals in humans and animals that attract the opposite gender. According to its manufacturer, Athena is effective pheromone product for attracting females.

Which pheromones are in Athena?

Athena is an oil-based pheromone that you apply to areas such as your neck and wrists. Clinical studies show that these are the most effective regions for such products. The pheromones contained in Athena include Androstenone, Androstenol, and Androsterone. However, the drawback is that there’s nothing new here. Other pheromone products for men contain new and exciting pheromones that distinguish them from the competition.

What kind of scent does Athena have?

It’s important to note that Athena was designed to complement other colognes, rather than function as a stand alone cologne. This means that you can mix and match Athena with other scents, to enhance the potency of those colognes. While this feature could be an added plus for some consumers, it’s important to stay focused on the efficacy of Athena itself.

What are the results of using Athena?

In normal situations, Athena’s scent can last for approximately three hours. However, the operative word here is “normal”. The product’s efficiency can be shortened due to effects such as cigarette smoke and perspiration.

According to an insert contained in its packaging, Athena could begin to be effective in a period ranging from three days to six weeks. While you might not expect such products to start working overnight, are you willing to wait six weeks to become a lady-magnet?

Another noteworthy issue is that Athena is alcohol-based. So it’s basically unusable for anyone who’s allergic to alcohol. So if you’re in that boat, you’ll automatically have to search for a different pheromone cologne.

Should I choose Athena?

The bottom line is that while Athena seems to be a somewhat effective pheromone cologne, its less effective than similar products on the market. That’s likely due to the product’s pheromone concentration. A lower concentration will cause such colognes to be less effective. Unfortunately, Athena’s packaging doesn’t contain information about its pheromone concentration.

A final yet note worthy issue is that Athena is somewhat pricey, with a price tag of around $100. While that normally wouldn’t a problem, the quality of the product is somewhat dubious. So whether or not you get what you pay for is debatable. In fact, the results of formal and informal tests seem to be inconsistent. Athena also doesn’t provide a money-back guarantee, which raises further questions. Most of us don’t mind paying a hefty price tag for a quality product. But since Athena provides no money-back guarantee, and the efficacy of the product isn’t consistent-should you take the risk of buying it?

Comparison Table Chart

Rank Pheromone Brand Score Performance $ Per mg Concentration Fragrance User Reviews Guarantee FDA Lab Buy Direct Price
#1 100% $2.08 9.8 Site $225.95
#2 98% $2.99 9.8 Site $159.95
#3 Image 97% Image $4.99 9.7 Image Image Image Site $89.95
#4 Image 93% Image $5.95 Image 8.3
Image Image Site $65.50
#5 Image 89% Image $6.99 Image 7.2 Image Image Image Site $99.50