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Alpha-Dream is a classic and sophisticated high-end pheromone. It was designed for those who is looking for a sense of confidence mixed with genuine sex appeal. While this is a new company, they are already receiving amazing reviews for their small, yet powerful pheromone product line. According to their website, Alpha Dream uses scientifically proven pheromone formulas that make you becoming more attractive. Each of their pheromone products has a 100% guarantee assuring you know that you can expect powerful results.



Under normal use, this product should last you around 4 hours. However, it has been shown to be effective up to around 6 hours. This tends to be standard for high quality pheromones and best of all it works well in hot or sweaty environments.


Easy to Use: 

We found Alpha Dream to be very easy to use. You only need 3 simple sprays to make it very effective. The best areas are your neck or inside the wrists.


Effectiveness of Product:

Alpha Dream contains up to 15 mg of pheromones per bottle making it a powerful pheromone formula. As far as pheromones are concerned, it works amazing… In fact, almost as good as our top rated brand Pherazone. Its attract women with a provactive scent that makes them excited, somewhat aroused, and defintely more social.



  1. Amazing scent to drive women wild
  2. Positive user reviews and feedback
  3. Has a revolutionary pheromone technology



  1. Products are very new and still haven’t been extensively tested



  1. Androstenone
  2. Androstenol
  3. Androsterone



Its scent is remarkably strong and erotic. Alpha Dream pheromones for men combine the essence of a man with synthetic pheromones which are far more powerful than natural pheromones present on a man’s skin. We recommend you try one of their formulas that are already scented with high quality fragrances.




Products from Alpha Dream are high-quality and research shows the company has used higher levels of pheromones than other products on the market. Guys who use the product notice how much more often women approach them and tell them how good they smell. Although, you will still have to put in some effort in order to close the deal, Alpha Dream definitely helps with boosting confidence, appearing more attractive to women and breaking the ice.



“What is this stuff anyway? Voodoo? Man I love it!!! I would have bet $100 it wouldn’t work for me, but it DOES! I’m getting laid more now than when I was a teenager. Many thanks.!”

Carl M, Long Island, NY


Below is a list of top rated pheromones for comparison.

Comparison Table Chart

Rank Pheromone Brand Score Performance $ Per mg Concentration Fragrance User Reviews Guarantee FDA Lab Buy Direct Price
#1 100% $2.08 9.8 Site $225.95
#2 98% $2.99 9.8 Site $159.95
#3 Image 97% Image $4.99 9.7 Image Image Image Site $89.95
#4 Image 93% Image $5.95 Image 8.3
Image Image Site $65.50
#5 Image 89% Image $6.99 Image 7.2 Image Image Image Site $99.50