Human Pheromones

Pheromones are natural chemicals found in all insects, animals, and humans to dictate sexual behavior. Similar to animals, human pheromones are naturally produced by our body and function as attractant for the opposite sex, stress reliever and even alteration of menstrual cycle in women. Pheromones are released through body fluids, like sweat, urine, saliva, semen and vaginal fluids. Many studies have been done on the production of pheromones in humans, the study by Dr. Norma McCoy, professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University reported that pheromone users got significantly more sexual attention than placebo users: more sexual intercourse, more hugging, kissing and intimacy, and more formal dates.

Human pheromones are secreted onto the skin through the Apocrine glands, also called scent glands. These glands are usually located in armpits and the groin area. Along with sweat odors and other secretions, the pheromones are released from the body and into the air. Other people inhale them through VNO and these molecules travel up the nasal passage to the brain where they connect and trigger different neurotransmitters. VNO or vomeronasal organ is located in the nasal cavity near the bottom and is linked with the organs associated with the sense of smell.

There are many different human pheromones that will have an effect on the opposite sex. The same pheromones can also produce a negative effect on the members of the same sex. Here are a few descriptions that will help you discover and understand the most common human pheromones on the market:

  • AndrosteNone
  • Androstadienone
  • AndrosteNol
  • AndrosteRone
  • Copulins
  • Estratetraenol


Andrestenone pheromone is found in both sexes, it is considered to be a male pheromone as men are known to produce this pheromone more than women. It creates a dominant and powerful aura associated with increased sexual tension which helps men attracting the opposite sex. You should use Androstenone with care, as about 40%-50% of men can’t smell Androstenone. An overdose can cause members of the opposite sex to be overly intimidated which may lead to negative reaction.


It is a very popular, strong pheromone which is derived from progesterone and pregnenolone. One of its more remarkable effects is that it can elevate a woman’s mood, and even alleviate PMS stress. Studies have shown that it significantly influence the mood of women and homosexual men. It is also known as “love pheromone” because of the nature of the romantic feelings and intimacy it triggers in women. Our researched showed that pheromone products with high concentration of Androstadienone are Pherazone, Max Attraction, Alpha Dream.


It is produced by both men and women and does have significant effects on both sexes. Androstenol makes the wearer to appear more approachable, relaxed and less intimidating. It is characterized to be more of friendly and more social pheromone than Androstenone. It is known to trigger passion, romantic feelings, friendliness, relaxation and getting people more comfortable around you. Androstenol is referred to as an ice-breaker pheromone. The following pheromone brands have high levels of Androstenol: Max Attraction, Pherazone, Chikara.


Androsterone is a very masculine pheromone but without the possible aggression of Androstenone. It is known for its positive characteristics like security, protection and reliability. Androsterone has been well documented to be an excellent ice-breaker, bringing even shy people into your social fold with great comfort. It has proven itself to work great at parties, board meetings and dates. Androsterone also works really well when mixed with other pheromones.


They are exclusively female pheromones but can also be used for men to temporarily increase their testosterone levels. It’s long been known that a female’s “pheromones” can affect certain male behavior. Copulins can be transmitted through air and are known to be secreted into the vagina at the time of ovulation. Studies have shown that when men inhale copulins, their testosterone levels can increase a staggering 150%! Copulins are mother nature’s way of creating a chemical bond between the male and female. Not all copulins are created equal however: for maximum pheromone effect we recommend to try the following brands: Max Attraction Silk, Pherazone for Women.


This pheromone is related to estrogen (the female sex hormone) and is known as female equivalent to Androstadienone. It creates an aura of uniquely feminine sensual appeal and ultra-femininity.
In clinical studies, scientists have shown that male human pheromones trigger a subconscious biological sexual response in women. Most pheromones are odorless but because women have a naturally better defined sense of smell, they subconsciously pick up male pheromones. When the pheromone-enhanced colognes are sprayed on the “hot spots” of a man’s body such as behind the ears, wrists and chest, women tend to be more sexually attracted to that person.
Of course, the man still produces the natural pheromones to attract women from time immemorial. But pheromone cologne mixed with natural human pheromones enhances the sexual attraction to such extent that women who were naturally attracted to the man now appear to be irresistible to men’s sexual dominance.

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