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How To Buy Pheromones

What is it that attracts people to each other? 

Nice hair? Big muscles? Body scent? Recent studies have shown that the cause of such sexual attractions could be airborne chemicals called pheromones, airborne and odorless molecules “emitted by an individual and cause changes in physiology and/or behavior of another individual”.

How To Buy Pheromones

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The Scientific Basis for Effectiveness

Really, any company can  make the claim that their pheromone product will enhance you to the point that the opposite sex finds you attractive and more desirable. But these claims are almost useless until a number of scientific tests have been done, and these tests will prove the actual effectiveness. The pheromone you end up choosing must have what is known as a biological efficacy.

This means, you need to make sure the pheromones have been proven to cause electronic responses from the vomeronasal organ or VNO, of the olfactory system. In clinical trials, the VNO reacts at a very fast speed to any pheromone it senses. It then triggers the nerve cells to send out the hormones that cause sexual behavior.

In the most basic of terms, pheromones that are designed for women have to be clinically proven to cause testosterone surges in men as this is what will make them want to copulate. Otherwise, these pheromones are no more than chemicals without any effects, such as snake oil. When it comes to pheromones for men, they have to be proven to increase the luteinizing hormone in women, as this is what gives them the increased sexual response towards men.

Maximum Concentration of Pheromones

Be wary of any pheromone vendor that makes any claim that their products will have the maximum amount of pheromones possible. It is important to know what pheromones are actually in this product. Having a maximum concentration of a weak pheromone will not have great results. It has to be the best pheromones that have been optimized for humans. Most pheromones that have been pulled from boars, insects and even birds will have no effect at all when placed on a human.

In addition, the maximum concentration isn’t always better either. Instead, take the time to find the formulas that contain an optimum concentration as well as a combination pheromone that has been proven to heighten the sexual awareness of the opposite sex.


Be careful of the pheromones you get as some will smell like body odor, which comes from the arm pits and genitals that many people will find very offensive. This will have the opposite effect on the opposite gender, and you will repel potential dates. Remember, you want to find optimum concentrations and not maximum.

Money-back Guarantee

There will never be a 100% certainty that the pheromone product you try will be the one that works for you. Many people experience different results because the chemistry of everyone is different. Therefore, you should look for products that offer a money back guarantee. This way, you will have nothing to lose on an ineffective product. This also helps you to avoid vendors that have a cheap product, or know their product isn’t of value.

Track Record

What is probably the best way to gauge everything is the actual level of customer satisfaction is has. This means repeat purchases and word of mouth. Certainly, it can be hard to get honest information from pheromone vendors, but Pheromone Scientific Journal offers independent research that shows the companies with the highest percent of repeat business and satisfaction.